The World

Crypto Earth is building the world's only digital homepage, giving everyone access and ownership of a part of it.

We aim to create universal access to The World Homepage regardless of your country or your background, we dream of replacing all gray areas on the map with colored ones.

Humanity has no right to be gray!

We believe

— in the right of free movement around the world
— in the fair distribution of the planet's resources among people
— in the equality of every human life
How it works
Digital identification that fully confirms that you are the only and unique owner of one of the area on The World Homepage
Crypto Earth
This is a digital map, each area of which has its own coordinates and is a unique NFT in the Ethereum blockchain
We are working on an Crypto Earth App that will allow the owners of our NFT to automatically set the color and name for their area on the map
Who we are
Crypto Earth is an open source smart contract hosted on the Ethereum blockchain for NFT management, which gives their owners the right to set one of seven colors, a name and a link to their website for a selected area. We support and develop the Crypto Earth community until all 6372 areas on The World Homepage are distributed. Currently, the selection of colors, names and links is done manually. It is expected that in the first half of 2024, the web3 App will be launched, which will allow NFT owners to set these parameters for themselves independently.